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How to Select and Install Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts: https://www.E-Rigging.com/eye-bolts-eye-nuts-and-eye-screws
This video focuses on the 4 main styles of eye bolts, installation information, and important information you should know before installing them. Eye bolts are commonly used when forming an assembly to lift or suspend a load. They can be attached to wood posts, steel tubing, or directly into threaded holes.
View our "Materials and Finishes to Combat Corrosion" video, here:

Please visit our website https://www.E-Rigging.com for more information or to purchase these products.

Visit our Blog for this information in a text and picture version: https://www.E-Rigging.com/How-to-Select-and-Install-Eye-Bolts

Check out our Eye Bolt selection at https://www.E-Rigging.com/eye-bolts-eye-nuts-and-eye-screws

0:18 Eye bolt Types
0:32 Eye bolt Sizing
1:16 Eye Design
1:44 Coatings
2:23 Regular and Shoulder Eye bolts
3:01 Machinery Eye bolts
3:23 Lag Eye bolts
3:46 Angular Loading
5:33 Swivel Hoist Rings
5:57 Eye bolt with Untapped Hole
6:29 Eye bolt with Tapped Hole
7:37 Safety Precautions
Fred Sonic : Tyler my man, that was some fantastic eye bolt info. Really helpful, thanks!
kangsheng jia : very good ,这个视频好
Anthony Jonas : Very good E-Rigging, quick and to the point. Can you cover more on swivel rings at some point?
Falfield : 8:35 "Never rig a cable between two eye bolts". What's the reasoning for this, which is presented as an absolute rule - never? I'm struggling to imagine.
Ellen James : Thanks for this video. Genuinely was looking for a video explaining exactly this and didn't think it would exist. I needed this exact eyebolt video in my life.

Hossfeld Bender: Eye Bolt Setup & Other Basics

This video discusses the use of the Hossfeld Universal Bender, Model No. 1 and focuses on the eye bolt bending setup. It is intended as a reference to aid students learning in the Tyler metal shop learning metal fabrication skills.
mohamed aziz : thanks for sharing knowledge
DOUG MARKHAM : Rob, please do not stop making videos for students and young employees learning how to use metal shop equipment. You do an excellent job at explaining the small details that most knowledgeable experienced guys would assume and forget to include. I am an instructor at a trade school in Buckeye, AZ that helps high school students prepare for the work force.
If this old retired guy, that is giving back to youth, could help in a small way... please listen to yourself and count the Ugh's and mid sentence stops you use. It makes it difficult to maintain the thought processes you are portraying. I worked hard at it in my younger years and became a public speaker at conferences in numerous venues. Once again PLEASE keep up the great work you are doing, it is so needed.
ernie bahr : Thank you for making these videos. I have a hossfeld and the most common thing I use it for is hooks of various sizes such as what you demonstrated here. Would you consider doing a video demonstration of bending angle iron on it. I see you have the dies. I would love to see a good demonstration of both the “easy way” and the “hard way”. I have struggled to get good results with angle iron from the user manual alone. I have never seen anyone else do it.

Thanks again
Dennis Koyle : What a nice machine and accessories!
High Quality Engineering : Hey man was wondering where did you get the pusher dye tool or where can I get one ? And how can I make a eye bolt with a compact bender ?

How to install an eye screw the quick and easy way

Here’s a quick house hack on installing eye screws the quick and easy way. You''ll save time, impress your friends and sleep peaceful after a job well done.
Paul G : Much faster than the other videos that use a screwdriver to tighten. Thanks
Joshua Rozario : Dude! You are so much better than most DIY videos out there. You deserve much more subscribes! Don’t give up! Great video!
Alex Mal : Thanks for the vid!
Yadira Diaz : This was a very helpful, thank you
Sarah S : When I tell you my jaw dropped...genius!!


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